Your Investment Professor is a website created with the intent of serving as an investment knowledge repository. In today’s world there’s no lack of information on the Internet. However, it is dispersed all over. And, unfortunately, some of it is of poor quality. Here, we strive to present meticulously researched articles about investment education for free.

This site consists of menus and related submenus. Each menu (i.e. Investment Funds) is a single topic, which then is divided into related topics (i.e. mutual funds, index funds, hedge funds). The idea is to put related topics together to make it easier for readers to grasp a particular topic rather than jump from a website to website, or a book to book.

The top of the menu consists of the simplest investment topics (such as Investment Funds, Investment Accounts, etc.). These are suitable topics for beginners or those who want to polish and expand their investment knowledge. As we go down the menus, the topics become more advanced. By following the menus (and submenus) from top to bottom, even beginners can gain more advanced investment knowledge that students of finance and professionals learn.

However, it is not required that a reader goes from the top to bottom. Those with some investment knowledge can select particular topics of interest from the menus.

This knowledge repository will continue to grow and improve. We seek to create something resembling a library of finance books. All in one spot. All easy to navigate. And all for free.

Your Investment Professor is the idea that came true through the efforts of Derek Przywalny. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Rutgers University, and a Master of Science in Finance from Southern New Hampshire University. Back in 1990s, he became a licensed stockbroker and investment advisor at the Electronic Trading Desk, working right on Wall Street for Quick & Reilly, a company that subsequently was purchased by Fleet Bank, and eventually became of holding of Bank of America Securities. At that time, its online trading platform was among the first ones in the business.

After few years there, Mr. Przywalny became a Global Market Data Analyst for ILX Systems, a premier market data provider to financial institutions. Now, ILX Systems is part of Thomson Reuters. The next career move involved becoming a corporate actions specialist at Deutsche Bank’s Private Wealth Management Division in midtown Manhattan. Over there, Derek Przywalny was responsible for overseeing corporate actions for the division.

Back in 2007, Mr. Przywalny moved to London, United Kingdom. Over there he worked in the City for Fernbach Software, a Luxembourg-based financial software company specializing in risk management and accounting solutions for financial institutions around the world. In his business dealings around the world, Mr. Przywalny explained risk management and accounting solutions to banking executives.

Following that, he moved to China to pursue his long-time ambition of becoming an educator. Mr. Przywalny lectured on Intermediate Macroeconomics and Financial Auditing at Soochow University in Jiangsu Province.

Currently, he’s still actively involved in trading and research about different financial instruments (equities, ETFs, currencies, options, and commodities) as well as continuing with his passion for investor education.


This finance website provides free investment education and does not constitute investment advice. Although the articles are meticulously researched, the author does not provide any guarantees and assumes no responsibility for investment actions of the readers. 

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