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Stock markets in Sub-Saharan Africa are a true frontier

Stock Markets in Africa and Middle East

The markets of Africa and Middle East aren’t among the top in the world. Yet, these are some of the world’s emerging and frontier markets with expanding investment opportunities.

Major Stock Markets in the Middle East and North Africa

The United Arab Emirates are a home to Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and Dubai Financial Market. The Emirates seek to become a major financial hub and a center for Islamic Finance. This is not the only country seeking to do so. Saudi Arabia is opening to foreign investors as well. The region is also a home to oil-rich nations such as Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain, each of them with stock exchanges and aspirations.

The largest nation in North Africa is Egypt. The Egyptian Exchange is one of the largest markets in the area where stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are traded. The recent political turmoil hasn’t, however, been conductive to attracting investors. On the other hand, United Arab Emirates continue to be stable. Thus, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are considered to be the financial hubs of the Arab countries.

Major Stock Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa

South Africa is the most developed and richest nation in this vast and fast growing region. JSE Limited, a stock exchange based in Johannesburg, is the biggest one in Africa. Many different financial instruments are traded including equities, fixed-income products, exchange-traded funds, and derivatives. South African gold coins, the Krugerrands, are also traded there.

Until recently, South Africa was the continent’s biggest economy. Now, the number one spot belongs to Nigeria, which is by far the most populated nation on the African continent, approaching 200 million people. The nation is also rich in oil. Stocks, fixed-income products, real estate investment trusts, and other exchange-traded products are available.


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