When selecting an online spread betting account, find out what are the spreads charged on different instruments (you will not pay commissions, just spreads- the differences between buy and sell prices). The tighter the bid, the less expensive it is to trade.

Speaking of online spread betting spreads, some houses offer very tight spreads on major currency pairs (for EUR/USD the spread is often less than a pip), but their spreads on stocks are higher, especially if your expiration date for a spread is far out in the future. Always check spreads for the instruments you tend to trade.

Other important factors are the trading platform, research, and charts a spread betting house offers. And watch out for other fees such as inactivity fees.

Note as well that some brokers offer a free spread betting demo account where you can check out their system and practice spread betting before committing real money.

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Selecting an Online Spread Betting Broker

Here we discuss several factors to consider before deciding to open a spread betting account.

When spread betting, you pay no commissions, but spreads can be large