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Frankfurt Stock Exchange is in the top 10 stock exchanges in the world, and it is also a major European exchange. It is a part of Deutsche Borse, which runs a German derivatives exchange known as Eurex. There are also other minor exchanges located in large German cities.


The Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (also known as MICEX Stock Exchange) is a major exchange in Russia as well as one of the largest in Eastern Europe. A variety of instruments is available for trading, including stock, bonds, derivatives, and foreign exchange.

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Europe has well-developed financial markets

Introduction to Stock Markets in Europe

Major European stock markets are a close match to their American counterparts. This article discusses major exchanges on the Old Continent. ​​

Pan-European Exchanges 

Euronext is owned by the same group as the New York Stock Exchange. It has its locations in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Lisbon. A variety of financial instruments are traded including stocks, fixed-income products, derivatives, commodities, warrants, and indices. It is a relatively new exchange, founded in 2000.

OMX Exchanges is a group of eight stock exchanges in Scandinavian and Baltic countries, and it is now a part of NASDAQ OMX Group. As with other major exchanges, or exchange groups, various of financial instruments are traded.


United Kingdom

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is the largest stock exchange in Europe and one of the top five in the world. As with major stock exchanges, stocks as well as bonds are traded. In addition, warrants, derivatives, ETFs, and structured products are available. It is an attractive alternative, especially for English speakers willing to diversify.

Stock prices are quoted in the British pence (pennies), thus when you see a price of 500, it stands for 5 pounds.