Learn from the gurus of investing

What Great Investors Said About Investing Success

This part covers some of the world's greatest investors. Learning from the best can be very rewarding.

This part covers some of the world’s best investors such as Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, George Soros, and Carl Icahn among others. Learning from the best is a great way to advance investing knowledge and become a successful investor. Here, we start with the statements these gurus have made and add analysis of what they meant. 

What is noteworthy is that these gurus have always striven to keep the risks limited, while seeking to make extraordinary gains. They went after attractively-priced assets after getting to understand what they’re doing. This often required lots of research and knowledge. No man knows it all, so they stayed within their circles of competence. Some of them were mutual fund men. For example, Peter Lynch was a star mutual fund manager, while John Bogle is considered to be the pioneer of index investing.

Benjamin Graham advocated value investing, and his student, Warren Buffet, became an expert in it. We also have a speculator and a hedge fund manager, George Soros, who became known as the Man Who Broke The Bank of England. A lot can be learned from these iconic investors. Therefore, this section should be very useful for anyone interested in becoming a better investor.

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