With mutual funds, you can invest virtually anywhere and into nearly all asset classes

What You Need to Know about Mutual Funds

In this section, we provide a comprehensive explanation of what mutual funds are all about. We start with basic stuff about mutual funds and expand into details.

​​Before you invest, you need to learn about advantages of mutual funds, what are the major fund types, as well as understand the fees, performance, and prospectuses. Here, we provide numerous articles about these funds. 

This site also covers other funds such as closed-end funds, ETFs, and hedge funds. This is a good overview of the investing business for beginners. 

In fact, mutual funds are very popular among the public, and even those who know little about investing have decided to invest in these funds, often as part of their employer-sponsored plans such as 401(k)s. Therefore, it is important to understand how these funds work, so smarter investment decisions can be made.

Mutual funds aren't the only viable investments for those who know little about investing. There are other types of funds which we also discuss on this site. These options certainly include ETFs and Index Funds. We also discuss differences between index vs. mutual funds as well as other investment vehicles.

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