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​Many new or inexperienced traders and investors enter the stock market with hopes of gaining a fortune. The fact is that many of these amateur traders don’t make it. Therefore, it is crucial to get proper research and training before betting real money on trades. Unfortunately, there are too many sources, most of which are useless or even dangerous to financial well-being. Take penny stock promoters’ letters. It’s nothing but hype. 

There are also many individuals claiming to have made a fortune and now they offer stock lists and training. Most of them are fakes. However, there are a few of highly successful traders who made millions and now offer their wisdom and experience to the public. Take Tim Sykes. He’s widely recognized as a penny stock guru. By knowing how to, and when to, trade penny stocks, he has turned $12,000 in more than $4 million over several years. And that’s verified.

Those traders seriously interested in making money in penny and small cap stocks can check out Tim’s Alerts where Tim Sykes provides a daily list of stocks to watch based on criteria he has selected, and which have made him highly successful.  

Since not everyone wants to be a daytrader, Tim Sykes also provides a list of stocks that he finds suitable for longer term investing. 

There are others who followed Tim and became millionaires. Now his former students run their own research and provide it to their customers. One of his most successful students has an astounding and verified track record as well. He specializes in long trades, as opposed to short-selling. 

Or take another top gun known as Triforce. 

Before signing up, check these super traders out. In addition to research, they provide training videos. At times, some of these videos are free and a lot can be learned.  There are no guarantees that you will make a fortune. Only your hard work can get you there. Still, it’s better to be trained by the best than by phoneys. The traders mentioned here have verified and highly successful track records when it comes to taking money out of the stock market.

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